Yayyy for Chelsea and Toby! I was so welcomed into this family's celebrations that once again I found myself tear jerking at the sight of Chelsea walking down the aisle to meet Toby - pull it together! But she was so beautiful and so graceful.. I really could not help it. Never mind Toby who was anxiously wiggling his knees as she turned the corner revealing herself... even if she jogged down the aisle it wouldn't have been fast enough for him to finally grab her hand. 

I have never seen SO many flowers in my life. Just stunning and it was all set in Toby's family's garden by the beach in Somers, VIC on a blue bell day. Thank you weather god, your good deed has not been forgotten. Considering the theme was a nice and relaxed garden wedding - they know how to party! By the end of night I was on the d-floor with these guys and snapped away, totally in my element. Happy days :)) Here is Chelsea & Toby's garden party wedding. Enjoy, MK x