Incase anyone was wondering, it does not get tiring saying WHAT A DAY!! I'll keep saying it, i'm so lucky with who comes knocking on my door in search of their wedding photographer - and again these guys were no exception. With classic Melbourne weather threatening this day all week we had all conditions covered. BUT it had to be Jesse's 'what will be will be' attitude that ended up giving us the most perfect day anyway. Funny that we were so happy with our rainy day shoot locations we ended up going with them anyway - that's Melbourne for you, never know what photography set is around the corner. 

Jesse and Stew - i'll say it again your chemistry is undeniable and seeing the two of you so in love gives me goosebumps. And to the bridal party - well just all round legends. What a day team!!!

Enjoy x

P.s Massive thanks to Tommy from Raw Lens Media who shot the amazing video of this wedding check it out here