Congrats Bec & Nick! The calmest of brides I have ever witnessed. You might know weddings don't always go to plan. Actually they almost never go according to plan. With SO much effort, planning and expenses poured into one day it's important to remember it's your day so no matter which way it goes enjoy the ride. It will make your day unique to you and you'll have a story to tell the kiddies.

When it comes down to it all that matters is that two people turn up that want to get married. Well you know, maybe it's important that your celebrant turns up to allow you to get married and of course your photographer :) but what i'm trying to say is don't forget about what actually matters and let the inevitable's go. 

Weddings tend to get bigger than big and too many times we lose sight of what we're there for in the first place. "Hey Bob, what's the fam all got together for here again today?" "Um, I dunno mate, Louise dragged me along i'm just here for that espresso martini fountain and those Moreton bay bug crab cakes". *Conversations that probably happen.* So that when your running an hour late, a green storm louder than Mordor is calmly making it's way directly over your outdoor ceremony, your veil flies off your head TWICE (the third time you give up and take it out), your dreamy sunset beach photo's get cancelled. Remain calm.

All of this was Bec & Nick's wedding day. The bridal party were lovelier than lovely and had their full trust in me when I told them, trust me. So that afternoon we didn't even test the weather god's temper. We sought shelter, got cosy, got snacks, popped some champas, put on some Van Morrison and I snapped away. Not even sure if i'd rather sunset down at the beach or this. Pretty sure these guys have no worries and didn't lose sight of the importance stuff. You guys rock xx