Mel & Aaron

"Madeline… where to begin! I think back to our wedding day, and she is one of the biggest standouts of the entire day. She was spectacular in every way imaginable. She was like an old best friend that you hadn’t seen in a while, she brought music, made everyone feel so comfortable and fit in like one of the family. And the photos, well they were just magical. Her style of photography and editing is whimsical and romantic, and fun! I get tears every time I look at our wedding photos, they just capture every single emotion of that day. She spent hours scouting out the entire suburb and river where we got married, just to find the perfect locations for photos. For bridal party photos went to forests, deserted roads, paddocks… it was just as we had hoped. And not only were these photos to die for, I have to say the bridal party photos were the best part of the night… it was just our close friends & family, we had tunes, dancing, climbing over fences, ciders and Madeline and her sister bringing us all the laughs. I want to keep getting married to my husband over and over again, and each time I would beg Madeline to be there with a camera in hand, and her music box in the other."

- Mel & Aaron - 11th November 2017