For real - where all your dreams can come true. Simply put it just has that energy about it. You feel like you can be anyone or do anything. I went to the states with my two gal pals Jess & Lisa and can say I had one of the best weeks of my life - the best part about it was as the week was unfolding I already knew I was having the time of my life it wasn't a realisation after. We stayed in Soho, Manhattan at SoHotel. Such a cool spot! I would highly recommend not staying right near Time Square which might seem like the obvious choice - it's great to visit but way too hectic to stay. Soho is like a chilled little village - which was probably the factor that made me fall in the love with the place to see that it's not all hustle and bustle.

My fave night out was going to the Apollo theatre's amateur night in Harlem. Can I just say amateur performers in NY aren't your regular amateurs - they would be stars anywhere else. So for a $20 ticket it's not bad entertainment - it's incredible. Stop by a Blue Stone Lane cafe for a good Aussie coffee and smashed avo (you get over continental brekky's and instant jug coffee after awhile) these cafes are run by Aussie's absolutely smashing it! La Esquina was my fave dining out experience at La Esquina in Soho. An underground Mexican restaurant/bar serving up amazing grub, margaritas and hip hop tunes!! Must try the Coco buy luoco cocktail and the queso funded cheese dip - they'll change your world. For a more swanky 'New York New York' night out go to the Standard Hotel (make sure you go left out of the top of the lift not right.. much much nicer) or if's Summer go right to the rooftop Le Bain.

I love you NY.