First of all if you think you want to save money and take a 24 hour bus ride in Europe to get somewhere instead of fly.. just don't.. take out a loan, sell an organ, do what you need to do to not be on a hard seat bus for that long. At least the 24 hour bus ride got me to here. Amsterdam for me was crowned as my fave liveable European city. I think that says something. These people have style... and good looks. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than people so in such a flat city it's the obvious transport option. I loved cruising around checking out the quirky fashion forward shops, stopping in a park having a beer, taking a canal tour (I definitely suggest but somehow try now to get on one of the super touristy ones - ours felt like the tour guide was a broken record and really over priced). I did find Amsterdam pretty expensive (especially accomm) however we did turn up on the Amsterdam gay pride weekend.. which was amazing in itself it's like it was a house party but for the whole city. A must for me was the Anne Frank house... beware the line in peak season can seriously be upto 3-4 hours. I suggest either going super early or super late. Have to say my favourite memory was simply sitting by the canals at night with a glass of red looking at all the pretty night lights reflecting into the canals... it was magical.