My last stop on my Euro tour. I actually went to Portugal because I felt like everyone went to Portugal - not because I had heard all about it. There's a good reason everyone goes there. It has everything. City, culture, beach, it's cheap etc. I stopped at Lisbon, Porto and Lagos. Not that I have been to San fran but I imagine Lisbon is a lot like it. Very hilly. Great exercise to get those Euro kg's moving. I stayed at the best hostel of my whole trip here. Cannot recommend this place enough - 'We love F. tourists' funny name but wow they could not do enough for me... including taking me out for dinner and insisting they pay!! From Lisbon I did a day trip to Sintra which is some sort of majestical land with real life princess castles... I mean at one time i'm sure there were princesses in there. There are unreal underground walk ways in the garden Quinta da Rageleria (a highlight of my whole trip). Porto was amazing and you obviously have to do a port tasting tour. Lagos was the very last stop where I did air bnb for the first time and wondered why I hadn't done it more. Lagos is party central - don't go here to relax. Fun times only.