My third stop on my Euro adventure - Sweden & Norway!! This was the last time on my trip that I got to be chauffeured around by some pretty amazing hosts. In eight days we did three mini trips. On the go go go. Our first getaway was to the countryside in Sweden where my friend's parents have the SWEETEST little cabin nestled in the woods - talk about the right contacts. It doesn't get much more authentic than picking berries from the forrest, swimming in fresh lakes and bbqing deer hunted by your hosts. Wow. We then ventured back to Oslo the capital of Norway where we did some sight seeing and general touristy stuff - this city has so much atmosphere! When it's sunny everyone is outside getting amoungst it and when it's cold all the restaurants are so cosy with plenty of fire places and blankets - everything is just a vibe. After a couple of days in Oslo we then did a road trip about 4 hours north to Heidal.. way up into the wilderness and beautiful mountains. We had organised to go white water rafting. The most terrifying and hilarious experience of my life. I was told this was pretty much the most 'Norwegian' thing you can. How could I say no? I also knew that if we made it out alive there was a hot tub and a bottle of champagne waiting for us, probably would have taken on a bear to get to that.  Oh one last thing - the accommodation was teepee's... REAL teepee's... Staapp it! Here is the link to the rafting centre we went to I cannot recommend the entire experience enough: Sjoa Rafting Centre

Lastly just want to say the most ridiculously biggest thank you to my beautiful hosts - my experience with you guys was a once in a life time opportunity and i'm so happy and grateful I got to share it with you guys. You couldn't have possibly looked after me anymore than you did. Thanks for making me feel so at home. Charlotte,  Aanders, Thorill, Geir, Cathrine, Anne & Helge xxx