What a rad city!! Apart from all the rubbish (oddly so much around) it's such a cool vibe - like you would imagine. The buildings were much newer than I expected, it kind of has a much more industrial feel. What I loved was how advanced it was in regards to funky cafes offering all the types of cold pressed juices and fresh brekky and lunch options (the type you'd find at home) and a heap of quirky coffee/book/mag shops that mix the smell of freshly ground coffee and new book paper smell... the dream. Berlin was also crazy cheap! Like $2 for a beer - which you can walk around with because it's legal to drink in public.. sightseeing done right. One of the main things I wanted to do in Berlin was visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. This camp is situated about an hour's train ride out of Berlin (crazy to think how close it was to this city and everything that went on there). As full on as it is I thought it was really important in understanding more of Germany's history. 

Kruezburg was the area where we stayed and I would highly recommend it. Alexanderplatz is the area where the main square is in the city centre so a lot of people stay there and just end up surrounded by tourists. Kruezburg also has some of the best night life and why else do you go to Berlin? Everyone talks about going to the 'best' night club in Berlin - Berghain. Although it sounds crazy it is apparently SO hard to get in. You can wait 3 hours and still be turned away for no reason and they usually don't like tourists so I wasn't keen on spending the little time we had in Berlin in a line. So many other ridic options anyway! My fave bar/club there was Club Der Visionaere. It's right on a canal so it's super pretty at night and has heap of cool loungy spots to chill/party. Cheeeeerss Berlin!