Here it is... my favourite place on my WHOLE adventure around Europe and I never even planned on going there. The factors that contributes to make this my fave was the scenery, food, people and the culture. In Turkey I went to Cappadocia, Fethiye and Istanbul. Cappadocia is honestly like being on a different planet that is the only way to describe it and to be able to go hot air ballooning there at dawn is something else. Our hotel was in the side of a cave!!! $17 aud a night got you a private room and an amazing buffet breakfast how is that even possible in a place like that. I stayed at Guven Cave Hotel... highly recommend for super affordable accomm! Turkey was somewhere I really felt like I was traveling and loved being immersed into it's culture. Oludeniz beach is rated one of the top beaches in the world and is just out of the town Fethiye. This is where you can go paragliding - the scariest thing I have ever done but yes would do it 10 times over. Istanbul - just a small city of nearly 15 million people.. so yeah you could say it's busy.. but incredible. SO much history. There are Muslim prayers (known as the Ezan) that are chanted on speakers that echo throughout the entire city sometimes as early as dawn - it is mesmerising I tell you. My favourite thing here was taking a traditional Turkish bath which involved a large, mostly naked Turkish lady with missing teeth giving me a soapy scrub down.. who else is going to do that for you?! This place needs to be on your bucket list. I have to say... I don't have one negative about this place. Absolutely incredible.