PRAGUE.... We need to talk... I love you!!!! There I said it. This city can only be described as a piece of art. There is not just one majestical building... EVERY building has something to admire.. and I am in no way into architecture. The type of city where you can walk for miles and miles because there is SO much to look at. This is definitely a place I would suggest doing a free walking tour to get a good dose of the history and culture plus get to know your bearings. Also for sure check out the touristy spots like the old town square, Charles bridge etc but then get out of there ASAP and dig a little deeper to find some secret local spots - especially for eating out. The best advice I got was that Prague was not known for it's hospitality so if someone in a restaurant is friendly it's a tourist trap with crap food looking for a tip... so in short - the ruder the staff the better and more authentic the food.. and it was true. Hello the rudest waiter I have ever encountered yet the most delicious duck I have ever eaten for $7. Definitely check out Letná beer garden for the most amazing view of the city, take a beer tour, the area around the John Lennon peace wall is all cobblestone lane ways and cute cafes so that's a must and if you need a dance we went to a really fun place called Radost Fx... good times!!!!